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Check Solar System Prices In Your Area

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Solar QC brings solar product manufacturers to every home and business, which enables an extra 20-25% savings.

Kevin Goodman

"I was able to design, create and choose my own solar products, the way I personally wanted. There was no sales man trying to upsell me or mark up my product. I loved the full control I had over the project."

Carol and Brandon Delgado

"Our house uses a lot of electricity. Solar QC showed me how much we can be saving, and even getting back for our solar installation. All we did was click a few buttons and a few days later we were saving!"

John and Ashlee Preston

"We loved the presentation of our project and that we were able to visualize the solar panels on our house before we bought it. Out of all other installers we got the best price here. We might even add on a few panels later in the years."

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Solar manufacturers direct to you for product. Solar installers direct to you for installation.

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Price trend & incentive policy

  1. Residential Solar system and Solar panel price trend

    From 2014 to 2020, Solar system cost has dropped about 41% from 5.13 USD/watt-DC to 3.05 USD/watt-DC, while solar panel cost dropped about 65% from 1.75 USD/watt-DC to 0.60 USD/watt.


  2. Recent Solar Incentives and Policies


Check Solar Prices in Your Area


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