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STEP ONE: Project Options

Project Type ?
+ Project Type:
“Roof Mount Project” refers to the project installed on any roof top and “Ground Mount” refers to the project installed on the ground. “Residential project” refers to 110 V single phase project and “Commercial project” refers to 208/277/480 V three phase project.
Roof Type ?
+ Roof Types:
Comp Shingle, Spanish Tile Roof, Concrete Flat Tile Roof and Metal Sheet Roof.
Roof Pitch ?
+ Roof Pitch:
A numerical measure of the steepness of a roof including: 1/12, 3/12, 5/12, 7/12, 9/12.
Soil Type ?
+ Soil Types:
Soil type refers to the different sizes and component of mineral particles, including clay, sandy, silt etc.
Ground Slope

+ Ground Slope:
Ground slope refers to the steepness or raised angle of the ground.

STEP TWO: Select Panel Options

Panel Type?
+ Panel Type:
Choose between 60 cell panel and 72 cell panel. 60 cell panel is commonly used for residential projects and 72 cell panel is used on large commercial projects.





+ Create Field:
Click on your roof to choose the surface area of your project. Connect the dots to create your chosen field. Double click to highlight the field.
+ Draw Setback:
Any obstacles that prevent panel installation, such as chimney, vent, skylight window, etc.
+ Max Layout:
Fill your selected area with the maximum number of panels that can fit into it.

*Please drag the panel*





Bulk Drop Setting?
+ Bulk Drop Setting:
Select how many rows and columns you want to drag per click."

1756 x 1039 x 25 mm Edit
  • Panel Space
  • Tilt Angle
Panel Orientation ?
+ Panel orientation:
Refers to the panel layout direction in the same row. (The default setting is portrait).
Panel Space


+ Panel space:
Refers to the distance between panels in the same row. (The default setting is 1 inch.)
Panel Array Space


+ Panel array space:
Refers to the distance between the rows of panels. (The default setting is 1 inch for residential projects)

+ Azimuth:
solar panel azimuth is defined as a horizontal angle measured clockwise from north direction line.
Tilt Axis ?
+ Tilt Axis:
solar panel tilt axis is the axis of PV array rotational motion.
Tilt Angle


+ Tilt Angle:
solar panel tilt angle refers to inclination of PV array to the ground level, measured in degrees.
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STEP THREE: Position equipment (optional)

  • inverterInverter
  • Electrical PanelElectrical
  • MeterMeter

Area : 0.00 ft2 Panels : 0 pcs

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