Proposal Tools

Our software allows you to create unique, on-brand proposals quickly and easily through smart collaboration tools and customizable templates. Address your customers’ specific concerns and create instant, printable proposals and contracts.

Project Design

Get a full design package in a few days with our online design/engineering service. Create a preliminary panel layout drawing and submit a design request all in one go, lowering your costs and speeding up your project turnaround time.

Business Intelligence Report

Simple, pre-built analytical functions enable you to review your progress, analyze data, and monitor business trends.


Partner with Solar QC in launching strategic lead acquisition campaigns in your targeted locations. We aim to generate more high-quality leads for you with the lowest possible marketing cost.

Business Acquisition

Receive and close leads on the go with the Solar QC Lead Generation app. Solar QC enables you to instantly connect with homeowners the moment a qualified lead registers in your area of operation.


Use our integrated canvassing tools to monitor, track, and manage your team of canvassers. The Solar QC canvassing app allows you to view the progress of your canvassing team directly on the map and enables you to measure results daily.

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Solar QC Full Service Platform for Solar Installers

Our company’s unique business model is based on years of experience working with solar contractors. We know what you need in order to grow your business fast, gain a competitive advantage, have happy customers, and reduce your operational costs. Optimize your solar business with the Solar QC one-stop full-service solar platform.

How Does Solar QC Work?

It’s like night and day. Solar QC has taken my solar business from the stone age to the modern era with practical digital tools. I can’t image going back to doing everything manually.

It have seen a marked increase in our monthly cashflow reports and our income statement gives me assurance that our company is on the right track.

John and Ashlee Preston

With the new 30% solar tariff I can’t afford to be wasting money on useless overhead. I’ve already reduced our costs in getting leads, requesting designs and increased our project turnover.

I honestly regret not researching enough to find something like this already exists. I could have used the money to grow my company instead. Solar QC gives my company a lot of value and I thank the Solar QC team for making this possible.

Kevin Goodman

This entire platform is neatly packed into one condensed package and I can tell it’s made especially for installers. I’ve tried several integrations, spent thousands of dollars in SAAS and this is really the only one that actually understands the solar business. I highly suggest you test this platform out.

Carol and Brandon Delgado

Why Partner With Solar QC?

Solar QC is built and backed by companies with 10 years of solar industry expertise. We have direct partnerships with top tier manufacturers that provide quality products at competitive prices. Through the years our experts have determined key pricing and efficiency bottlenecks in the manufacturing and procurement of EPC products and services.

Today we have created the most complete and innovative vertical business strategies to bring your solar business the best ROI and reduced operational costs.