Why Go Solar?

How will going solar impact the Environment?

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How do I know which products are of the best quality?

How does solar equipment work?

What stops the electricity from flowing back into the solar panel at night?

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Installation & Maintenance

How do I choose the best products and installer?

Can I build or install the system myself?

At what angle should my solar panels be positioned?

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How can I finance my solar project?

How is the cost of a solar energy system calculated?

What rebates/incentives does the government offer for solar energy users?

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Cost vs. Benefit

How do I choose between buying or leasing a solar energy system?

How long do solar panels last?

Do solar panels still produce power on cloudy days?

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Does the solar panel warranty transfer with the sale of the home or property?

I just purchased a system with HahaSmart. How do I register the warranty?

Where can I find a copy of the warranty?

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