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Step 1: Select Roof Type

  • We need information about your roof type in order to create the most optimal design for your project. Certain methods of installation work only with specific roof types.
  • Receive 4 quotations instantly, instantly – various product combinations, with the best price and quality guaranteed.

Step 2: Create Solar Field and Panel Layout

  • Select your preferred panel area and point out detours (such as chimney, attic windows etc.) and click ‘Max Layout’ button to see your layout. Or, simply drag panels onto your roof.
  • Pre-qualified installers will help you select the best product options, as well as let you know the price of installation. Transparent price, no hidden cost.

Step 3: Position Electrical Devices

  • It is helpful to point out where your meter and main service panel are located and the position you wish the inverter to be installed. This will allow installer to evaluate the scale of installation work.
  • Your installer will complete installation and get your system connected to the grid.
  • The Solar QC online portal provides you with the tools to track all paperwork and oversee work flow.

Step 4: Generate Quote

  • Our system will create 4 different quotes with the most optimal product combinations for you to review. No matter what you need, from lowest price with max investment returns to the most technologically advanced products, we have you covered.

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Design DIY tips

How many solar panels do I need to offset my bill?

Based on good estimation, west coast customer may need 20-22 panels to offset $150 monthly utility bill, while east coast customer may need 24-26 panels.

What shall I do next to get accurate quotation?

Type in your address and click start, then choose roof type and max panel layout on your roof, click “Save & Quote”, you will see four accurate quotes based on different technology product

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