Step 1: Design your home, your way. Understand product cost.

  • Register to log in, then Drag & Drop solar panel on your roof. Your home, your way. Complete Design in 2 mins.
  • Manufacturers sell product direct, omitting the need to shop around.
  • Receive 4 quotations instantly – different product combinations, with the best price and quality guaranteed.

Step 2: Receive Product and Installation Quotation - Separately.

  • Review and evaluate 4 different product quotations right after completing your design.
  • Pre-qualified installers will help you select the best product combination, as well as price. Transparent price, no hidden costs.

Step 3: Choose Best Installer, make your dream house GREEN.

  • Solar QC will work with your installer to apply for installation permit.
  • Your installer will complete installation and get your system connected to the grid.
  • Solar QC’s online portal provides you with the tool to track all paperwork and work flow.

Step 4: Enjoy Savings. Share with friends.

  • Tell your friends about the smart way you went solar.
  • Enjoy the savings.
  • Your friends will say, " Oh … … haha, you are smart".

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Myths about going solar

Myth: A ‘One-Stop-Solution’ Provider will give you the best deal.

Fact: Statistics show that a “one-stop-solution” provider price is 30% more expensive than the option of buying directly from a manufacturer.

Myth: ‘0 down, Saving Now’ is the best financial option.

Fact: ‘O down’ finance options are always available to most homeowners; however, it is critical to understand the itemized price first. Our cash payment option enables you to get up to 17% return on investment, while the ‘0 down’ option leaves you with only a 6-7% return. On average, financial institutions will charge you 6-9% interest.

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