Canadian Solar Sets Record of 22.8% Efficiency on P-Type Poly Cell

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Canadian Solar Inc. Has set a world record of 22.80% conversion efficiency of a solar panel. It has surpassed the previous record of efficiency of a solar panel of 22.28%, which was also set by solar company Canadian Solar.

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Canadian Solar Sets Record of 22.8% Efficiency on P-Type Poly Cell

Canadian Solar Inc. announced it has set a world record of 22.80% conversion efficiency for a p-type large area multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell. The record-setting P5 (casted mono) cell conversion efficiency of a solar panel was tested and certified by Germany’s Institute für Solarenergieforschung GmbH (ISFH) in September 2019. It surpasses the previous multi-crystalline cell efficiency of a solar panel world record of 22.28% which was also set by solar company Canadian Solar in April 2019.

“I am very pleased to announce that we broke the world record yet again,” said Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “This is a milestone for our P5 technology development. It proves that our multi-crystalline silicon technology can achieve efficiencies very close to mono while still enjoying the cost advantage of multi. We remain focused on expanding our technology pipeline to provide our customers with the most LCOE-competitive products.”

Canadian Solar has been developing and is commercially launching its P5 photovoltaic cell technology and solar energy products. The 22.80% record efficiency multi-crystalline cell was fabricated utilizing 157-mm2 P5 silicon wafers and production-ready technologies such as MCCE (Metal Catalyzed Chemical Etch) black-silicon texturing, selective emitter, multi-layer anti-reflection coating, advanced surface passivation, and optimized grid design and metallization. Notably, the MCCE black-silicon texturing technology, originally developed and mass-produced by Canadian Solar, was used to further improve photovoltaic cell performance.

In August this year, Canadian Solar upgrades all of its manufacturing lines to mono-PERC or multi-PERC.

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