SolarEdge Founder Guy Sella Dies

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SolarEdge announced the passing of its founder and co-chairman, Guy Sella, less than a week after announcing his leave of absence, releasing a video tribute to the solar pioneer. Sella founded the inverter company in 2006, hoping to make solar energy smarter and more affordable for a sustainable future.


SolarEdge Founder Guy Sella Dies

The world of solar has lost one of its driving forces with the death of Guy Sella, founder and co-chairman of Israeli inverter giant SolarEdge.

The former venture capitalist founded the company in 2006 and subsequently stated: “We wanted to make solar energy smarter and more affordable to help mankind meet a justified growing energy demand in a sustainable way that reduces our global carbon footprint.”

That quote, made by the charismatic former CEO, was included in a video tribute to Sella produced by SolarEdge today.

Speaking about his company’s guiding ethos, Sella said: “Doing something which is out of the ordinary, which we can share with our customers. The joy and passion we have for what we do and the fact that at the end of the day, we’re all simple people and we behave this way and we treat ourselves in the same way and we don’t think our success is something that is unique.”

His spirit will live on

SolarEdge issued a statement in memory of its founder today which read: “It is with a very heavy and sad heart that we notify of the passing of our dear friend and inspiration, Guy Sella. All of us who had the privilege to work with Guy and be witness to his unwavering drive and infinite levels of energy and passion for what he did, know what a huge loss this is, not only to SolarEdge. Guy has left an incredible legacy and his spirit will live on forever in SolarEdge. The entire SolarEdge family mourns his loss. On behalf of our board of directors, management team and employees, we extend our deepest sympathies to Guy’s family.”

The legacy this solar pioneer leaves ensures one of his stated ambitions will be fulfilled.

“For people like us, who want to build a company,” Sella said, “the goal is for the company to last many years, even after us.”

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