StorEdge Inverters Included in National Grid Incentive Program

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SolarEdge has announced that its solar power inverters, StorEdge have been selected to be part of National Grid’s solar incentive program. This solar incentive will be extended to owners of new and pre-installed solar power inverters. Everyone participating is eligible to receive a financial incentive for participating in the program. You get to go solar and you get money, what could be better?

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StorEdge Inverters Included in National Grid Incentive Program

SolarEdge Technologies announced that its StorEdge inverters were selected to be part of National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program that is being rolled out in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Owners of new and pre-installed StorEdge inverters are eligible to receive financial incentives for participating in the program that relies on SolarEdge’s centrally managed grid services platform. This program enables National Grid to provide affordable and additional types of energy to customers to help meet energy demand peaks.

Launched in the beginning of July, the ConnectedSolutions program will charge and discharge batteries of participating StorEdge system owners in order to supply energy during times of high demand. By improving the payback for solar-plus-storage systems and encouraging higher volumes of solar panel installations, the program offers benefits to both system owners and solar installers.

“National Grid’s leadership in supporting distributed renewable energy resources demonstrates how the energy market is undergoing a strategic transition,” said Lior Handelsman, SolarEdge’s VP of marketing and product strategy and founder. “SolarEdge is dedicated to help drive this transition with innovative energy ecosystems that support smart management at both the local and grid level.”

“At National Grid, we are committed to implementing creative and innovative solutions to provide cleaner and more cost-effective energy to our customers. We are excited that SolarEdge is a key player in the launch and continued expansion of our ConnectedSolutions program,” said John Isberg, VP of customer solutions at National Grid. “SolarEdge’s fleet of pre-installed StorEdge inverters are helping us successfully kick off this program and its many qualified installers will also assist in adding new participants in order to significantly increase the program’s reach.”

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