Recap of Intersolar 2023

Chase OliverFebruary 22, 2023 975 5

HahaSmart attended Intersolar 2023 in Long Beach, CA taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center. HahaSmart enjoyed a time of reconnecting and meeting new prospects for the HahaSmart platform. 

At the event, we hosted a Coffee Hour event at our booth. That Coffee hour though turned out to be a coffee day event. Many potential clients came to our booth and they loved and appreciated the coffee calling it the best at the show.

We met with Goodleap a proud partner with and after meeting our team on Wednesday they said this. “HahaSmart, thanks for being a great partner to work with! We had a great time and looking forward to working together with you more!”

Scott Maxson, Business Development, talked with many of our Solar Pros and these are some testimonials they had to say. Scott, Thanks for working with us!  HahaSmart makes us even HahaSmarter!"

Another Solar Pro had this to say about HahaSmart: "The HahaSmart program has been a great solution to keep us organized and on top of the projects."

Chase Oliver, Marketing Associate, enjoyed representing HahaSmart for the second time at a solar show. “It was great to see familiar faces from the previous show, as well as some customers at the show,” said Oliver. “I really feel the HahaSmart platform is growing and the number of interactions I saw at the show proved it.” Oliver while at the show spent time at the coffee day booth and made sure to explain the benefits of becoming a solar pro with HahaSmart.

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