HahaSmart will be at Intersolar 2023

Chase OliverFebruary 6, 2023 794 2

HahaSmart will be at Intersolar 2023 in Long Beach, CA from February 14th- February 16th, 2023. 

As the first major solar + storage event of the year in North America, Intersolar North America highlights the latest energy technologies, services, companies, and organizations striving to create a positive impact on climate change and support our planet’s transition into a more sustainable energy future. Learn more about Intersolar here:

Our booth number is 731 and will be shared with our sister Company Fortune Energy. Our HahaSmart team will be able to answer any of your questions, especially with the latest updates with our company.

HahaSmart will have team members from our business development, accounting, and marketing team there representing the company. The HahaSmart blog page and social media will be actively sharing updates at the show.

If you are planning to attend the show on February 15th HahaSmart will be hosting a special coffee hour at our booth and if you need a pick-me-up that day then come visit our booth and connect with us and learn more about HahaSmart.

If you’re looking to attend well you still can. If you click here you can purchase tickets and with the promo code ISNA2330903 you will save 20% on the purchase of your ticket. We look forward to seeing and connecting with all of you at Intersolar 2023.

Follow HahaSmart on all our social media platforms for updates on these features. Have any questions? Contact our customer service team at 818-921-6015

Want to get started with HahaSmart? Call 818-743-4524 or email us at

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